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AdvisorWoRx LLC provides process evaluation and optimization and clinical technology support

Outcomes with Value.



Helping companies determine the best way forward with confidence and clarity.  Our service portfolio draws on our core capabilities of process management, ​analysis, ​strategy development, compliance, and clinical expertise. 



Our extensive experience enables us to offer strategic perspectives in both clinical and operational domains. We achieve this through thorough investigation and analysis, assessing various factors such as value, risks, and growth opportunities for

long-term success.



Our team optimizes workflows and enhances operational processes through meticulous analyzation identifying the critical components that drive success. Through reengineering, we elevate business outcomes, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.



Our team assists organizations in reducing vulnerability through regulatory compliance mapping and the enhancement of organizational procedures. We focus on risk mitigation strategies and instilling ethical practices that enhance your business’s value.

Accreditation Preparation

& Support

We collaborate with organizations to develop a comprehensive quality assurance program, ensuring compliance with accreditation standards through reviewing and restructuring existing documents and processes, thus bridging the gap to excellence.



We support organizations in reaching their objectives by utilizing industry-specific methodologies. Our approach involves identifying opportunities, addressing challenges, and implementing key solutions to enhance operational performance.

Clinical Technology


Leveraging our clinical expertise, we guide organizations through the intersection of clinical and technical perspectives, helping to reduce organizational burdens with a focus on improving the overall patient experience and creating outcomes with value.

Expertise in Action.

Shared dedication to helping our clients improve service delivery ​in the pursuit of outcomes with value.




Our team's specialized expertise allows us to discover unseen opportunities, plan creative strategies, and implement innovative solutions that help guide the successful execution of change.


Why Choose Us.

Meet The Team

With over forty years of combined experience, the AdvisorWoRx leadership team is united by the same goal - to create lasting partnerships that deliver outcomes with value.

Edie Gigot Founder and CEO of AdvisorWoRx LLC

Edie GigotMSN, RN, MBA

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Brittany MacQuarrie Clinical Compliance Director at AdvisorWoRx LLC

Brittany MacQuarrieRN
Clinical Compliance Director

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Amber Kyle Pharmacy Compliance Director at AdvisorWoRx LLC

Amber KylePharmD, BCCCP, CSP
Pharmacy Compliance Director

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Let's Work Together.

Unique client needs demand unique partnerships.


We understand that every client need is different, so each AdvisorWoRx solution is uniquely designed. We partner to deliver customized, innovative solutions that work with your organizational culture, strategies, strengths, and challenges so that your people can do their best work - empowering the delivery of outcomes with value.

How it Works.

Get in Touch.


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Thank you for contacting us! We look forward to getting in touch soon.

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